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Here are the answers to the 2022 new year quiz!…

1. Bride – Murder She Wrote
2. Mont St Michael – Durdle Door
3. Lettuce Leaf – Stepping stones, Dovedale
4. Mt Rushmore – Venetian overture
5. Jeans – Winter, Lyn Ogwen
6. Van Morrison- Chesil beach
7. Star Wars – Breakthrough 
8. Stadium – Snowdon, four seasons in one day 
9. Christmas tree- Dusk @ Biggin hall hotel
10. Anorak – Masada
11. Cadillac -Captivate my heart -poppies
12. Gorilla – Loch Ness 
13. Angel – Winter, Lyn Ogwen 
14. Cyclists- Malham cove
15. Wild swimmer – Slowly to the sea, 3 cliffs
16. Three bishops -Wasdale head
17. Map – chilly morning, curbor edge
18. Bar – Snowdon, icy dawn
19. Plate edge – Cricceth, the breakers of dawn
20. Snow – Porthcurno curno, a moment in May
21. Lion – Masada
22. Glastonbury- Around upavon

Through an open door

Durdle Door is an iconic landmark, but with the combination of sea and sculpted rock forms in low afternoon light, it’s a also a perfect subject for magazine collage. I particularly like the way that the lines of the composition burst out in something of a fanfare at the point where the rock, sand and sea meet.

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Sunset swimming

This magnificent headland at Mewslade on the Gower glows rich with terracottas and golds as it reflects the setting sun. A perfect backdrop for a swim at the end of a summer’s day. The subtle variation in tone and texture that magazine collage allows, lifts this scene from the mundane to the luxurious.

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Around Upavon

This commission of the landscape around Upavon, Salisbury Plain, entailed working at a huge size – over 1 meter wide. The result plays on the rich detail inherent in the medium to draw you into the picture.

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